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The priorities of National Iranian Gas Company are to establish a safe environment in which all potential hazards are eliminated in order to protect health of its employees, contractors, consultants, visitors, neighbors, suppliers and clients and maintain the national resources and environment. To establish, develop and continuously improve the HSE management system, all National Iranian Gas Company directors, supervisors and other staff members are accountable to extend their efforts with unanimity agreement and cooperation in realizing these objectives.

Our Goal:
No accident, no harm to people and no damage to environment.

Our Approach:
Moving towards sustainable development, increased productivity and human resources quality advancement by current standards.

Our Commitments:
• Prioritizing health, safety and environmental issues in National Iranian Gas Company
• Providing new insight and an open and constructive intra-organizational (between directors and staff) and extra-organizational (between NIGC and interested parties) communication system and easy accessibility to statistics and information
• Allocating required financial, human and organizational resources for health safety and environment
• Complying with Petroleum Ministry, national and international rules, regulations and standards
• Optimizing use of energy and resources and minimizing wastes and pollutants
• Assessing and reviewing the methods and programs in health, safety and environment(HSE) management system in order to maintain continuous improvement
• Providing and maintaining the required training
• Identifying, assessing, eliminating and/or controlling effectively the potential hazards under normal, changing and critical conditions
• Supporting research, investigations and technology
• Identifying and utilizing skilled and committed people
• Encouraging and paying tribute to those having effective role in the development and improvement of HSE management system

I and you are jointly and equally responsible for safeguarding human lives, the environment and national resources. Therefore all colleagues are expected to assist the National Iranian Gas Company to achieve its goals.