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A Glance at the NIGC Administration and Organization Staff

The National Iranian Gas Company is comprised of 9 directorates as follows:

1- Natural Gas Production Coordination & Supervision Directorate

2- Financial Affairs


3- Planning


4- Information and Communication Technology

5- Research and Technology

6- Human Resource Development

7- Gas Distribution

8- Natural Gas Distribution Coordination and Supervision (Dispatching)

9- International Affairs

In addition to the mentioned directorates, there are twelve departments which directly report to the managing director as follows: Public Relations, Legal Affairs, Inspection & Complaint Consideration Affairs, Internal Auditing, Security, Assemblies" Affairs, Executive Affairs of Violation Investigation, Technical Inspection, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Commercial Expertise Affairs, Recruitment Affairs, and Structural Engineering Affairs.

The National Iranian Gas Company is also comprised of 51 subsidiary companies that each of them is active in different fields of natural gas industry with independent directorates. These companies are as follows:

a) Provincial Gas Companies

At present, there are 31 provincial gas companies throughout the country which are responsible for gas delivery to the cities, villages, power plants, industries and commercial consumers.

b) Gas treatment Companies

Eight Gas processing companies act under the supervision of Natural Gas Production Coordination and Supervision Directorate. The directorate supervises and utilizes processing plants. It is projected that through implementation of the development projects by 2020, the number of the gas processing companies will increase and based on the existing plans, the total gas processing capacity of NIGC will amount to 1200 Million Cubic Meters (MMC) per day, provided that all processing development projects are realized by 2020. The eight gas processing companies which work under the supervision of the directorate are as follows:

1 -  Bidboland I and Masjed Soleyman Gas processing companies with the nominal capacity of 28 MMC per day

2-    Shahid Hasheminezhad Gas processing company with the capacity of 58 MMC per day

3- Sarkhun & Qeshm Gas processing company with the capacity of 17 MMC per day

4- Parsian Gas processing company with the capacity of 84 MMC per day

5- Ilam Gas processing company with the capacity of 6.8 MMC per day

6- Fajr Jam gas processing company with the nominal capacity of 125 MMC per day

7- South Pars Gas Complex Company including 8 processing plants with the capacity of 466 MMC per day

Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company

Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company is one of the subsidiaries of the NIGC. Based on the executive system of oil industry projects, the company is responsible for the implementation of National Iranian Gas Company master plans. In terms of the volume of under implementation projects, the company is the biggest one in the NIGC and invests most of the credits. The company is in charge of designing and construction of gas transmission pipelines, gas boosting stations, development of processing plants and infrastructure facilities.

The company is based on the executive system of oil industry projects and is authorized to deal with the following tasks according to the article 5 of the company statute:

1- Carrying out economic and feasibility studies of the projects left to the company.

2 - Carrying out fundamental and detailed engineering affairs and implementing all the projects left to the company.

3- Design, supervision and implementation of all the engineering and construction operations such as construction and development of oil and gas production, collection and transfer systems, wellhead facilities, processing plants and dehydration facilities, underground gas storage, transfer pipelines, gas supply and distribution, gas pressure boosting and reducing stations and C.N.G, telecommunication systems, pumping stations, constructional and infrastructural activities and several marine structures and their related facilities inside and outside the country

4- Performing all the required material procurement activities inside and outside the country

5- Carrying out all the scientific, technical, commercial and service activities required for the development of the company

Also recently, according to some organizational changes, all underground gas storage projects and activities shifted to the IGEDC. 

Iranian Gas Transmission Company

Iranian Gas Transmission Company is one of the other subsidiaries of NIGC. Since the establishment of NIGC in 1965, Gas Transmission Company was active under the supervision of Gas processing and Transmission Company. In 2005, the transmission directorate was organizationally separated from the processing sector and in 2006 the Gas Transmission Company was established. The most important task of the company is receiving natural gas, Ethane, LPG and gas liquids from domestic and foreign production sources and transferring it to domestic production terminals and export terminals.

The Iranian Gas Transmission Company is comprised of seven managerial districts and 10 operational zones. The company is responsible for operation management of about 36000 km gas pipelines all over the country. It is noteworthy that the above-mentioned constructed pipelines which start from production resources to gas processing plants and continue up to the consumption points, are considered to be the main arteries of gas transfer throughout the country. It is obvious that the complexity and sensitivity of the job cannot only be sensed through referring to some figures in this regard.

However, it is noteworthy that having assurance of about 700 MMC of natural gas transmission from the production regions to consumption points and export terminals could not be materialized without the efforts of more than 4000 hardworking personnel and the management of 76 high pressure boosting stations, the existence of 257 compressors and administration of a modern telecommunication and telemetry network.

Underground Gas Storage

Underground Gas Storage is one of the other major sections of the natural gas value chain aiming at building and maintaining balance between the natural gas production and consumption in special circumstances (sudden temperature drop). Activities include continuing the current projects and defining new projects. NIGC started momentum for surveying and studying in various parts of the country to identify potential underground structures suitable for gas storage; and studied 217 reservoirs. At present, Shoorijeh and Sarajeh underground gas storage reservoirs with an annual capacity of 4 BCM are operational and the Yortsha, Nasr Abad, Imam Hasan, Ghezel Tapeh, Baba Ghir and Bankoul reservoirs are under different phases of study and implementation. For the time being, Activities and projects of underground gas storage are being supervised by NIGEDC.

Iranian Gas Commerce Company

Iranian Gas Commerce Company as one of the other NIGC subsidiary companies was established in 2008 in line with the strategic objectives and policies to fulfill the following detailed tasks:

• Commerce activities including marketing, purchase, sales, import, export, goods and equipment commissioning and some hydrocarbon derivatives including natural gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), gas liquids, gas condensates, sulfur and other processing byproducts

• Carrying out goods-related tasks including warehouse keeping, customs formalities, and other relevant activities

• Rendering technical and expertise services, goods technical inspection, updating and classifying goods, developing vendor lists and some other relevant activities

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